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Our boats

The traditional Reisa river boat has a long and proud history, believed to have been introduced to the region by Finnish immigrants (Kvens) in the 18th century. The boats that are used in this region are built slim so it's easy to navigate through narrow rocky waters, and long to sustain floating capabilities. This also made it easier to push the boats upstream in the days before the outboard engine, where hand labour was the only possible way to get up river. Actually the Reisa riverboats are longer than those seen in rivers such as Alta and Tana. At Reisaboat, we have added our own features to the modern Reisa river boat design, to further improve the manoeuvring and floating abilities, in addition to improving the comfort of the driver and passengers.

See pictures and more details on the boats and their design in the slideshow.


We have a set price of 50 000 NOK per boat. We currently have a waiting list, but feel free to contact us for more information.

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