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About Us

«The Norwegian company Reisaboat AS (Reisabåt AS) was established in the summer of 2018, by our founder Chris Hugo Vangen. Please do not be fooled by the year, even though it was formed in 2018 we have been doing this for a really long time.

We have the following characteristics:

  • We all started driving boats in the Reisa river from a very early age, some as early as the age of 5-6 years old.

  • We spend most of our days from early May to September/October on the river, either driving customers professionally or to satisfy our own need to catch big salmons. This makes us very capable boat drivers!

  •  Although few of us keep detailed tracks, it's quite likely that our guides' combined total of caught salmon is in the 4 digits. And the tally keeps rising every day throughout the season!

  • We are located in Svartfoss in the Reisa Valley, a few kilometres from the end of the road and approximately 15 km from the entrance to the national park. From here, we can bring you and your friends to the famous attractions Mollis and Imo waterfalls in a comfortable manner. If you prefer a more personalised experience, contact us and we will do whatever we find possible to make your dream trip come true.


Below is a slideshow containing pictures and video of some of the amazing experiences yo can partake in on one of our guided tours to the Reisa national park.

The video play if you press the play symbol. 


If you desire a more informative read on the national park we can greatly recommend a visit to the webpage that contains lots of information about the national park and what you can experience on your visit to Reisa. 

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