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We are quite proud of our staff. We have a great blend of knowledge, experience and youthful excitement that makes us able to deliver great experiences to you, whether you prefer a calming ride by riverboat to the Mollis waterfall followed by a cup of proper coffee and a bite prepared over the bonfire or action-filled evenings hunting 25 kg salmons with the dry fly.

Below you find a short description of our guides.

Chris Hugo Vangen
Founder and CEO

Chris Hugo is born and raised in Svartfoss in the Reisa valley, and you could say that he was bred from a young age to become a Reisa river guide. He learned the trade from a young age and is known in the local community for his navigating skills in the sometimes demanding Reisa river. Chris Hugo is especially skilled in crafting the famous "Reisabåt"-boats. Chris Hugo is a mixed product using Norwegian, Sami and Finnish traditions, and that certainly shows in the details of his boats. 

Christer Vangen
Guide - Fishing and boat-trips

Christer is Chris Hugos youngest son and has taken up on the family traditions and is now a famously good boat driver, and an extremely good fisherman despite his young age. Christer had his first season as a guide when he was only 14 years old. He guided full tours by himself including guiding professional fly fishers from Great Britain regularly. Between workdays, he also found time to catch more than 30 salmon which was a season-record within the family that year. Great fun at the family Christmas gathering!

Trond Vangen
Guide - Fishing and boat-trips

Trond is Chris Hugo's younger brother. He has caught around 200 salmon through the years, many in the 15 kg+ category. Before Christer rose up the ranks he was regarded as the best fly caster in the family, but now that status is being kept under scrutiny in the family forums. Trond is capable of guiding all parts of the river - by boat or by foot. Throughout his career, Trond has built a reputation of guiding big salmon upon his guests. As his main occupation, Trond is drilling for oil in the Northern Sea, therefore he is only available for parts of the season.

Ole Henning Vangen
Guide - Fishing and boat-trips

Ole Henning is Chris Hugos oldest son (19), and spent the last year serving his mandatory military service. In Norway, most young people are conscripted to 18 months of military service, and Ole Henning is no exception. Although when he was demobilised, he came home to Reisa and did his part in the family business, racking up around 30 tours to Mollis in just a couple of week's time.  

Tore B.jpg
Kai Are Ringstad
Guide - Fishing and boat-trips

Kai Are is a professional river guide who has made a name for himself in the guiding business. He organises his services through his own company, and we use his services when we have capacity challenges , or in the cases where his special skills are needed. 

Eyolf Vangen
Guide - Fishing and boat-trips

Eyolf is Chris Hugo's father and is rapidly approaching the period of his life where he can fill his days doing the things he like and no employer can get in his way. As a Vangen, born by the banks of the Reisa river, the things he likes to do usually involves of a fishing rod and a line. And a camp fire. And a lively conversation about yesterday's (and tomorrow's!) salmon. Which  probably means that he will be tied to the family business for the foreseeable future. 

If Chris Hugo has taught his sons every aspect of life on the river, himself must have learned it from someone. Guess who!

Tore Bilto
Guide - Fishing and boat-trips

Tore grew up as one of the Vangen's closest neighbours (5 km is «close» in Northern Norway) and they possess similar skills and the same mentality. Although Tore now lives abroad during our cold and harsh winters, he will not give up on the summers. Thus, every summer is spent around here, where he takes part in the ways of the river.

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