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Trips in Reisa National Park

The Mollis waterfall


The guided tour to the Mollis waterfall is our standard tour into the national park. The tour includes a river boat trip to the Mollis waterfall, a cup of joe cooked on the bonfire and hopefully an experience to last you a lifetime. 

The Mollis waterfall is a total of 269 meters high, and is one of the highest in Northern Europe. The trip takes you trough the canyon landscapes of the upper parts of the Reisa valley, and may even include a stop at Sieimma to see the ancient, 4000 year old rock paintings! 

Starting point: Saraelv, or by appointment.

Available: between 08:00 and 21:00 every day.

This trip suits for everyone!

We have life jackets, ponchos and good mood. In addition it is recommended to dress according to conditions, the weather can change quickly. We light bonfires on all trips so here you can bring your own food for barbecues, or we can arrange packed lunches / lunches / dinners including for an additional price. (Subject to corona action)

Price examples:

Grownup: 950 NOK

Kids 7-13 years: 500 NOK

Kids below 6 years: Free of charge.

Minimum price of 2800 NOK per boat trip.

Duration: 3-4 hours

Trip difficulty level: Easy


Price examples:

Grownup: 1950 NOK

Kids 7-13: 950 NOK

Kids below 6 years: Free of charge. 


Minimum price of 5800 NOK per boat trip. 

Duration: 7-8 hours (depending on water level and walking pace)

Trip difficulty level: Medium

The Imo waterfall

The guided tour to the Imo waterfall is another fantastic experience that should be on every visitors bucket list.

The Imo waterfall is the end of the road for the salmon's upstream journey, as the fish cannot traverse the 20 m fall where the Reisa River plunges over a rock wall in an overwhelming sight. The landscape has been formed by the river cutting through the mountain through millions of years, creating a spectacular ravine.

To reach Imo there is a 3 hour trip by riverboat, followed by an hour hike in a rugged and wild terrain (but not really that hard to walk, kids are quite able to complete the walk), and then approximately the same to get back to start. This means that we consider Imo tours to be a full day tour. 

Starting point: Saraelv, or by appointment.

Available: between 08:00 and 21:00 every day.


Guided fishing in the Reisa River

The Reisa river is a great river to catch big salmon (every year there is caught salmon in excess of 44 pounds (20 kg). Not surprisingly, the Reisa river is also a great river to catch sea trout: a normal season usually have at least one catch above 10 kg (22 pounds).

The great fishing aside, the rules and regulations of the river is quite complicated and the best areas of the river requires transportation by boat (at least that makes the journey a lot easier). 

In addition to boat transportation, many of our customers speak highly of the value provided by our fishing guides, as the tricks of the fishing trade in other rivers is not necessarily automatically applicable in the Reisa river. Not to mention that our guides are also great companionship on your hunt for record salmon!


Variable, get in touch for an offer.

Accomodation for our fishermen friends


Many of our fishing friends cannot stay away from the river, but still prefer a certain standard when it's time to rest up after a long day of hauling salmon.  If this sounds like you, we are more than happy to welcome you to our fishing lodge in Svartfoss. The lodge has all modern facilities, and can accommodate up to 4 fishermen with beds.

Get in touch for more information on availability.

Price per day:

2500 NOK

Business excursions/large groups

Bilde 22.08.2018, 13 33 34.jpg

Price examples:

Variable, get in touch for an offer.

We always do our best to accommodate the needs and wishes of our guests. If your business or organisation (or just a group of friends) are looking to create a great experience or excursion together, we will do our best to design a package catered to your needs. We have arranged tours for businesses ranging from 4-5 to 40 employees doing teambuilding exercises and board meetings in the wild landscapes of the Reisa national park. 

If you need something special, contact us and we will try our utmost to make it as special as you envisage!

Transportation of goods and baggage

Bilde 25.09.2018, 12 01 48.jpg

Price examples:

Dependent on type of goods and destination

If you need to transport goods or baggage up the Reisa valley, we have the capacity to bring it to your preferred destination for a small fee. Contact us for more information on prices and details. 

Pictures from Reisa underneath:

Skjermbilde 2020-05-19 kl. 19.59.22.jpg
Skjermbilde 2020-05-19 kl. 20.00.13.jpg
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